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Aura scanner

An aura scanner is a device that measures the energy of objects and the influence of various energies on humans. These energies include: Planetary energies, Earth energies, Structural energies, Vedic rituals, Gem stones, Medicines.
Some other uses of an aura scanner include:

Examining the aura energy field of the body.

Finding a suitable gemstone for the body.

Checking geopathic stress.

Checking positive and negative energies.

Checking several types of radiations.

Finding the body energy level.

Geopathic neutralizer

A geopathic neutralizer is a tool used in Vastu Shastra to neutralize negative energies caused by geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is harmful energy that comes from the Earth, Geopathic neutralizers are also known as Vastu rods or energy rods. They are made from a combination of metals and minerals. They resonate at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is the frequency of the Earth's magnetic field.
Geopathic neutralizers can:

Remove evil effects.

Improve wealth, health, and success.

Rectify faults in buildings, homes, and offices.

Reduce negativity.

Lead to a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

About Img
About Img

Online Vastu

Online Vastu consultation is a service that uses Vastu Shastra to channel positive energy into residential and commercial properties. The basic idea behind Vastu Shastra is to attract positive cosmic energy to improve one's life
Some online Vastu consultants include:

Vaastudevayah: Offers a simple system that requires basic details about your property and family.

Anant Vastu: Uses modern technology like satellite imagery, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

Applied Vastu: Offers services like Vastu planning design, property selection, and Vastu correction.

Ganesha Speaks: Offers personalized services like space purification, Vastu solutions, and Vastu Dosha removal.

Geopathic rods

Geopathic rods, also known as Vastu rods or energy rods, are used in Vastu Shastra to neutralize negative energies. These energies are caused by geopathic stress, which is harmful energy from the Earth. This includes electromagnetic radiation, underground water streams, and geological fault lines.
Geopathic rods can help with:

Improving wealth, health, and success.

Rectifying faults in buildings, homes, offices, or other structures.

Treating vastu dosha caused by improper construction.

About Img
About Img

Bore well Points

Identification of borewell point 90% success.

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