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Know About Vastu

The Sanskrit word vāstu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The vrddhi, vāstu, takes the meaning of "the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house". The underlying root is vas "to dwell, live, stay, reside"Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings. It's also known as Vastu Shastra, which is a Hindu tradition.Vastu is the science of creating a harmonious energy field in a structure. It's also the art of placing things in a way that balances negative and positive energies. Vastu's purpose is to create and attract positive cosmic energy. Vastu is based on the concept of combining the five basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky.

Vastu's three main principles are:

Bhogadyam: Functionality.

Sukha Darsham: Visually pleasing aesthetics.

Ramya: User delight.

Some benefits of Vastu include:

Career stability.

Academic growth.

Good mental health.

Better relationships.

Reduced stress.

Improved sleep quality.

Overall better health

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